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Chelsea luiz is such an awesome person to work with, not only does she know what she’s doing but she is hard working and has an impeccable amount of dedication especially when she love what she is doing. Having the opportunity to work said by side next to some with such motivation is absolutely amazing.

-Kyla Bydonie



Chelsea Luiz is by far my most favorite coworker to work with! She is always so pleasant to be around and it shows by how many people are excited to see her when we are at work. She is very professional in the work place and if you need help with anything she is always the first to jump on it! I thoroughly enjoy working with her because she is knowledgeable about what we do and is no where near a slacker. She pays attention to detail and it just adds to her amazing personality!

-Rheanna Dawn Monroe



Mr. Luiz is an easy going boss that cares about his employees and treats them whit dignity and respect. Great guy to work for.

-Esteban carbonell



I have had the pleasure of working with Chelsea. She has been a great coworker and a great leader. She’s always up for whatever the job has to throw at her and she won’t give up until the job is done. Chelsea works great with others and does a great job leading by example. She will be a great addition to any team that she is on!

– Alex Wisniewski



I have worked for Jeff going on 3 years. He is fair and cares for his drivers. I have personally seen him go above and beyond to help his workers in anyway possible. I can talk to him about any issue I’m having and know with confidence he will address it and try to find a solution. I enjoy coming to work everyday and working for Luiz Enterprise.

-Trevor Davis



I’ve worked with Jeff for a little over a year now he has been nothing but great to me and all the others that work with us anytime you need help he’s a phone call away and unlike most of my bosses I’ve worked with he’s right there on the job with us rain or shine and our equipment is always up to specs

-Devin Field



Jeff inspires me. Owner of multiple businesses, and seem to balance them very well. He’s living the American dream and I salute him for taking the good with the bad. It’s my honor to have gotten to know him, he is an honorable and decent man. It’s a pleasure to work for him, thank you for trying your best to keep it fair and balanced.


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